The Club

Columbia Undergraduate Film Productions (or CUFP) is a film production club for undergraduate CU students. We are into original student work with serious artistic intent. We make our own films, rent free film equipment, help people with their films outside of the CUFP umbrella, and put on a film festival twice a year featuring Columbia student filmmakers. We hold weekly open meetings at TBA (we’re sorting out our schedules, but check back soon!), so come on over and show us some love!

If you want to make films we’d love to have you. If you have an idea for a film you want to write/direct/produce and are looking for crew or equipment, or you’re running a film event on campus (or off), let us know! You can reach us at

***To Rent Equipment, Please Click Here.

Read the following Spectator articles for more info on the club and what we do!

Article on the 2009 Production Season
Article on the 2010 Production Season
Multimedia piece on the 2010 CUFP Film Festival
Article on CUFP’s TV show Sophomoric
Article on GS Student involvement in film in the city
Article on various Film-Related Clubs in 2010/11
Latest: Article on CUFP Film Festival in 2012

– – –
The CUFP Board
Lia Tung, the President
Blair McClendon, the President
Ariel Endacott, the Treasurer & Production Director
Isabel Robinson, the Secretary
Mae Smith, the Publicity Manager
Amrita Singh, the Publicity Assistant
Claire Pope, the Equipment Manager
Burak Azakoglu, the Associate Manager of Operations
Kathleen Choi, Intergroup Liaison
Shannon Smith, Events Manager


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