CUFP checks out equipment, FOR FREE, to filmmakers on campus.

Cameras; two full-control digital filming cameras: the Canon XL2 (SD/MiniDV) and the Panasonic DVX100 (SD/MiniDV); two camcorders: the Canon Vixia HV40 (HD/HDV or Mini SD).
Lighting; two-light Lowel Tota kit, simple two-light kit, two silk and two reflector umbrellas, gels and diffusion.
Sound; two mics with boom poles, one soft windshield.
Other; one stable mid-height tripod, one 6′ tripod, two lightweight tripods, one photo tripod.

How to Check out equipment
To use our equipment, you must be a recognized Club Member. To become a recognized Club Member, you must be involved in planning and executing a CUFP-endorsed project for at least 1 day and be trained to use our equipment OR you must participate as a crew member on a CUFP-produced film for at least 3 days. You must then contact CUFP in person or by email to be recognized.

In special cases, CUFP will sometimes accept appeals or help find you someone who is a Club Member to produce with you and check out equipment on your project’s behalf.

When you are ready to check out equipment, please send us an e-mail at at least two weeks in advance with the following information included:

1. A description of your film/project.
2. The dates of the project.
4. A list of the items you would like to rent.

Rental priority is given to CUFP projects. For other rental options in New York City (to cover what we don’t yet have to provide), please see Production Resources above and consider researching the Columbia Gatsby Arts grant.


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