There’s probably more opportunities to get involved in film and entertainment than you know, and many of those are right here in New York. Film and television companies all over the city are looking for college students with a strong interest in film, and the drive and passion to commit to supporting and learning about the visual media industry.

Currently, if you check LionShare for jobs under “Entertainment,” you can find many positions. Simply go to Job Search, click “Entertainment” under “Employer Industry,” and then you can also enter various types of jobs (internship, full time, part time, volunteer) — as well as other further categories. To keep it simple though, just click “entertainment” and then search. You can also create a “Job Agent” that will email you whenever new jobs are posted under the search terms you created.

In the past, on LionShare there have been postings from Sony Music Entertainment, The BBC, Dreamworks, Martha Stewart Living, Time Warner, Disney/ABC, Saturday Night Live, Madison Square Garden, Pixar, and The Onion News Network, just to name a few.

Another option is to check (this link leads to a custom search for the NYC area), which has hundreds of internship postings from media-related companies, great and small.

And lastly, we post internship opportunities when they come up (either from the Film Department ListServ, or from tips we get from members and affiliates), so just watch the blog and hopefully you’ll see something that inspires you to get yourself out there! That’s what this industry is all about.


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