Actors Needed!

A production team from the MFA Theater/TV writing program is in need of actors for a table read of their short film “Untitled Border Town.” The film is set in small towns on the Texas-Mexico border and focuses on the home life of a family involved in the Mexican drug cartel. The reading will be at Columbia and will take place either 8pm Monday 7/1 or noon Tuesday 7/2, depending on actor availability. Those interested in acting in the table read should contact director Rob Brink at The roles being read appear below.

CHUY: Latino, the right-hand man to Leo. May be crass and volatile, but reveals himself to be ambivalent about the morals of his lifestyle as well.

EDUARDO: 40s, Latino American, stoic, living in a relatively violent TX town.

GABE: Young Latino teenager, living on his family’s farm. Roberto’s next youngest brother.

LEO: Latino, subordinate of Chuy, also much less sensitive to the questionable ethics of their cartel lifestyle.

LORNA: Latina, the oldest sister, acts as a surrogate mother, bossy, mid to late thirties. Possibly mixed background, Anglo and Hispanic.

NONA: Latina, the youngest sister, late twenties, treated as a small child to a disconcerting degree by her older siblings.

ROBERTO: Latino, about 18 years old, only survivor of the attack on his family’s farm just south of the border. Shell-shocked and so a little unattached and unemotional throughout the story.


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