Crew Call for LIFE BYTES by CTV

What: “LIFE BYTES” an up-and-coming new CTV dramedy series by “Floorcest” creator, Eliana Michelle, is looking for talented crew members! Working on the crew of this show will not only train you, but give you the invaluable experience working with a consistent cast and crew over a long period of time thus honing your skills. The crew positions will most likely rotate throughout the year, so each crew member will likely get significant experience in many areas.

Dont miss this opportunity to gain hands-on experience on a TV set, and it all takes place on campus! If interested, please email EML2165@COLUMBIA.EDU with desired position/positions and relevant experience or training.

*The positions listed here are approximately how things will operate on set, but depending on how many or few people we get, roles might get combined or we might add some new positions, depending.

Positions available

Assistant Director
Director of Photography/Light Designer
Camera Operator
Boom Operator
Set Dresser/Costume Designer

Supervising Editor
2 Assistant Editors

Since Eliana is the Writer, Executive Producer, and Director of this show, the ASSISTANT DIRECTOR will be vital in organizing the cast, any guest stars, heading company moves, and securing and checking out equipment.

PRODUCER and the SET DRESSER/COSTUME DESIGNER will collaborate to choose locations, get permission, and choose all props and costumes with the actors before the shoots.

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY will be responsible for working closely with Eliana to make a shot list, and on set, doing lighting design and setting up each shot. They will also work closely with the camera operator, and possibly pull focus.

BOOM OPERATOR and CAMERA OPERATOR are self explanatory and are each in charge of their equipment. Camera Operator will also be in charge of dumping footage and getting it to the Supervising Editor.

The SUPERVISING EDITOR will be responsible for setting and maintaing the tone of the episodes, while training assistant editors. Once trained, the three editors will be able to rotate to distribute time commitment, but all final cuts will be subject to Eliana’s and the Supervising Editor’s review and approval. All Editors will also assist in uploading/broadcasting each episode.


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