Saving Lincoln looking for Visual Effects Artists/Compositors

What: An independent feature film shot in Los Angeles, Saving Lincoln, is looking for Visual Effects Artists/Compositors. Saving Lincoln is unique feature film project, combining cutting edge compositing and innovative design with wet collodian prints from the early age of photography, more than 150 years ago. We have tested and achieved a unique look, involving insertion of live action actors filmed against greenscreen into high resolution scans and virtual environments from historical photos.

The film is a personal take on Abraham Lincoln, told through the eyes of his bodyguard and constant companion, Ward Hill Lamon. Spanning from the two men’s early years as circuit lawyers through the Civil War, Lincoln’s presidency, and assassination, Saving Lincoln is telling an ambitious and epic story on an indie film budget. Our approach, creating background environments out of historic public domain photos, has resulted in a film with an extremely unique and compelling look, and will be a novel behind- the-scenes story.

Requirements: They are currently searching for Compositors, VFX Artists, and VFX Companies that may be interested in contributing to the project. They are looking to broaden their team of contributors to include more talented and proficient artists that can use our media and templates to create finished comps. Artists would be required to commit to finishing at least 5 simple comps, or 3 complex shots. For company credits, they would target at least 15 shots. The work would be voluntary but you will receive credit and copy for your reel. You are welcome to work from your own home, office and systems in their bay. You will also meet and work with artists and filmmakers from around the country.

If you are interested and want to see their work in progress VFX Reel, please email your interest, reel, resume to:


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