Athena Film Festival Review

Yesterday CUFP attended the Workshop for Filmmakers: From Script to Screen, Producing Films in Tough Times. There was an amazing panel including producers Lisa Cortes (Precious), Susan Cartsonis (Beastly, What Women Want), Nekisa Cooper (Pariah), Mary Jane Skalski (Win! Win!) and Ted Hope (The Savages, Adventureland).

The panel provided a wealth of inspirational encouragement and advice for future filmmakers. The workshop was followed by a networking session, where CUFP got to meet the panelists and other individuals involved in the filmmaking scene. If you haven’t seen some of the films mentioned above already, they are definitely worth watching, especially Pariah.

And because sharing is caring, and CUFP loves our members and readers, here are a few of the valuable pearls of wisdom the panel bestowed upon CUFP:

*A supportive community is important. Always work with people you feel comfortable with.

*Don’t be afraid to embrace discovery, but also be willing to walk the line and have faith in your project. Do whatever it takes to get your film out there or to make it happen.

*Movies have to be forced into business. Be determined and don’t treat it as a zero-sum game. If someone says no, that ‘no’ could only be for now, and might change into a ‘yes’ later.

*DO YOUR RESEARCH! Whether it be for marketing your film or sending your script to a producer. Analyze films similar to the film you are making. How much did they make? What was their budget? Who produced those kinds of films?

*Remember to MAKE MOVIES FOR YOURSELF. Make something you think you would want to go see in theaters.

The free workshops ended yesterday, but go check out the amazing collection of films being shown at Athena! (The festival lasts until this Sunday, so don’t miss out!)


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