United Nations: Working Group on Girls Volunteer Opportunity

What: The Working Group on Girls at the United Nations (http://girlsrights.org/) is a 501(c)3 organization that advocates for the rights of the girl-child on an international level and is comprised of more than 71 international NGOs. The Commission on the Status of Women is coming up shortly at the United Nations. During our preparations, some of our members came up with the idea of shooting a 5-10 minute extended PSA, so to speak, to promote awareness of international trafficking in persons, specifically girls. This short reel would be shown at a UN event with civil society advocates and diplomats.

The Working Group on Girls has plenty of statistics, resources, contacts in the area that would be willing to be interviewed in regards to human trafficking, and a pro-bono graphics designer ready to help.

They are looking for a student willing to assist in filming interviews and editing footage. This is a short-term volunteer opportunity for those interested in human rights, women’s and girls’ issues, international issues, and advocacy.

Requirements: We would require someone with either film experience or technical knowledge that you can put to use in filming. This would be a great way to get your feet wet in documentary-style filming.

We would start meeting at the end of February, and would tentatively be finished by the middle of May, however, the schedule can flexible, if need be. Please contact asajben1@gmail.com if interested, or call at 1 (530)774-7989.


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