Club Board Positions

The deadline to apply for these board positions is Wednesday, October 5th, at 11:59PM.

We are currently looking to fill a few positions in our club.

We are looking for a Production Season Producer—someone who would train student directors in the Spring semester to produce scripts written this semester into finished short films. You should have experience in film making to be considered for this position.

We are also looking for an Assistant Festival Director to help our current one, Blair McClendon, with our festival this semester and learn how to run them in the future. It is a great way to get involved in the club, add your ideas to our event management, and anyone interested in going into film criticism or event organization should strongly consider applying.

We’re also looking for someone to help with CUFP’s Public Relations. This would be helping us with fliers, communicating with other university organizations and departments, and reaching out to the film community in the city to expand our events and the content we can make available to CUFP students.

We’re hoping to find people who are creative and ambitious to bring CUFP into more contact with our members and expand what opportunities we can make available. If you’re interested in any of these positions, please email with your interest, relevant experience, and a copy of your resume. We will be figuring out our interviewing process in the coming week.


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