New Film Journal, Sound and Vision, Looking for Contributors

What: Sound and Vision is a brand-new Columbia undergrad film journal specializing in independent, classic, and world cinema, and it is looking for contributors! “We are a quarterly print publication committed to covering a wide range of cinematic traditions and styles. We hope that our features will function both as engaging works of scholarly analysis and as informative, accessible introductions to their subjects. Recurring departments will include themed top-five lists and review highlights, in which, respectively, contributors get to share some of their all-time favorites and spread the word about great new films and DVDs.

More Info: They plan to hold their first meeting when they’ve reached our quota of ten founding members, and they are planning to publish by the end of November. Because the Activities Board at Columbia requires all potential student groups to be active for a certain stretch of time before they are officially recognized, the first issue or two of Sound and Vision may go online temporarily to prove that the group is viable.

Contact: If you’re interested in contributing, or have any comments, questions, or suggestions, contact Max Nelson and David Beal at and


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