“Swamp Road” Short Film Cast Call

Synopsis: On a bike trip, Eduardo, young and naive, meets Lauren. The two hit it off, but must return home when the trip ends; one back to New York and the other to Massachusetts. Eduardo goes up north for a visit, hoping to continue where they left off, only to be pulled into Lauren’s bizarre world and circle of friends. Eduardo is happy to be dragged around at first, thinking it will lead to something more. As the situations he finds himself in get progressively worse, Eduardo realizes he doesn’t really know Lauren at all.

What: Looking for two lead actors to play the part of Eduardo and Lauren in the short film, Swamp Road.

Eduardo: “late teens, early twenties, Caucasian or Hispanic, he is very inexperienced in matters of love, but is willing to go along with situations and in that sense, is courageous. Driving license needed and one day of shooting in New York at a later day.”

Lauren: “early 20’s, Caucasian, not stunningly beautiful but a very attractive personality. She has a history of alcohol and drugs and a bit of a wild side, which she hid from Eduardo during their first encounter on the bike trip.

When: July 27th-August 1st

Where: Shooting will take place in the Berkshires, Western Mass.

Accommodation, transportation and food will be provided.

Interested actors should contact awl2117@gmail.com or elektrochose@gmail.com

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