New Media Internship Opportunity at Maysles Cinema

What: The Maysles Institute is a unique non-profit movie theater and film education program in Harlem, founded by the American documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles (Salesman, Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens). “This internship will give interns hands-on experience in web building, social networking and marketing to suit the needs of a growing not-for-profit organization. They will gain experience working with a variety of programs and because of the relatively small size of our organization prospective interns will have the chance to work on multiple and varied projects, contribute creatively and assume a quasi-leadership role on certain tasks more than would normally be the case in much larger institutions. Most importantly, the impact of all interns’ work can be directly felt and appreciated in terms of the positive effect it has immediately and the contribution it sustains into the future since in many ways prospective New Media interns are helping this institutions lay down the New Media foundations that will carry us into the future.

Requirements: An ideal New Media intern has some experience building and/or editing websites, knows at least basic html and css, likes problem solving and has a knack for getting people excited to click links and purchase tickets in the short-attention-span internet universe. Applicants should also have a basic knowledge of Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Previous experience, even if minimal, with PHP and WordPress a plus.

Internship application information can be found at their website,

Students are to write to if interested in the internship. It is a rolling deadline and there is no fixed start and end date to the internship. Hours and days of the week are negotiable usually ranging between two to four days a week with six to eight hour days. Remuneration in the form of money for lunch and transportation is certainly doable.


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