Volunteer Drivers for Sundance Institute Lab Programs

What: “While volunteering for the summer Labs may require a significant time commitment, it is a rare opportunity to witness the creative process and to experience a range of Institute programs.

Driver volunteers receive benefits ranging from shared accommodations in rustic, mountain homes, meals, and travel reimbursements. Driver volunteers work five to six days a week with days off rotating during the month. Length of work days vary. During set-up, tear down as well as heavy arrival and departure days, staff work 14 – 18 hours per day.

Drivers makes daily airport runs, shuttle runs around the Provo Canyon area, and runs to and from local shoots. They also assist in set up and tear down of venues and production space.”

Requirements: Must be 21+, have a valid drivers license, good driving record, be able to lift and carry heavy weight and open to doing any task if needed.

If you can commit to volunteer for one of the dates below, please send your resume and letter of interest to labs@sundance.org

(June) Driver 1 5/24/2011 6/23/2011 (July) Driver 7 7/5/2011 7/29/2011
(June) Driver 2 5/24/2011 6/23/2011 (July) Driver 8 7/5/2011 7/29/2011
(June) Driver 3 5/24/2011 6/30/2011 (July) Driver 9 7/5/2011 7/24/2011
(June) Driver 4 5/25/2011 7/2/2011 (July) Driver 10 7/17/2011 7/24/2011
(June) Driver 5 5/25/2011 7/2/2011 (July) Driver 11 7/17/2011 7/24/2011
(June) Driver 6 5/25/2011 7/2/2011 (July) Driver 12 7/17/2011 7/24/2011

Deadline: Friday, April 1st


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