White Irish Drinkers

What: “A coming of age story set in 1975 working-class Brooklyn, in which two teenage brothers living with their abusive father (Lang) and their well-meaning but ineffective mother (Allen) are caught up in a life of petty crime. Older brother Danny (Geoff Wigdor) concocts a daring scheme to steal enough money for him and Brian (Nick Thurston) to escape, timed around the chaos of an upcoming Rolling Stones concert. Whitey (Riegert), owner of the failing Lafayette movie theater, owes money to local mobsters. He calls in a favor to an old friend who works with The Rolling Stones. They come up with a deal to have the Stones play at Whitey’s theater for one night only before their gig at Madison Square Garden.”
Starring Stephen Lang (Avatar), Peter Riegert (Animal House, Local Hero), Karen Allen (Indiana Jones). Written and directed by John Gray (creator of TV’s The Ghost Whisperer)

When: Opening weekend, Friday (March 25th) and Saturday (March 26th) showtimes: 12:05, 2:05, 4:15, 7:45, 10:00, and 12:15

Where: Landmark Sunshine Cinemas, 143 East Houston Street


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