Documentary Film Festival: Immigration and Multiculturalism in France

What: Organized in collaboration with le FIDEL (Festival images de la deversité et de l’ égalité), this festival shall be screening previously unreleased films that are due to premier in Paris from September 20-25, 2011. The films are part of a film festival on immigration and diversity at the Cité Nationale de l’Historie de l’Immigration. “Each film tackles the theme of cultural identity in contemporary France from a different perspective”. Three of the films will have Q&A sessions with the director.

Films include: Nous princesses de Clèves set “in modern day Marseille, high school students from very diverse backgrounds take advantage of their study of the French 17th century classic La Princesse de Cleves – to talk about themselves, about love, and about French society”; Nous n’étions pas des bécassines about “thousands of girls sent from Brittany to Paris to work as housemaids, often to be exploited by their employers”, set in the 1950s; Ici finit l’exil about “the director reflect[ing] on his native Laos, which he left in 1976 when he was adopted by a French family. His successful immigration to France doesn’t prevent him from yearning for a return home”; Le Chemin noir about “retired steel workers from Algeria looking back on their life spent as immigrants, and wonder about their past and future in modern day society”.

When/Where: Running from February 17 to March 01 at East Gallery, Buell Hall. For more info:


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