Intern With The Maysles Institute

What: The Maysles Institute, a unique non-profit movie theater and film education program in Harlem, founded by the American documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles, is looking for interns. The cinema is one of a kind – combining resources found downtown (access to independent films and film makers) with an emphasis on generating social awareness (both global and local perspectives) to drive community engagement, development and action in Harlem.

About the Company:Programming at Maysles is unique in its efforts to combine the independent approach of downtown independent movie houses, engaging one’s cinematic expertise and creative outlook, while at the same time staying grounded and focused with an eye towards curation that is creatively relevant and meaningful to the Harlem community. Though the films selected normally fall within the realm of documentary, everything from verité to neo-realist narrative films are included. Film series at the Maysles Institute have focused on everything from the politics of reconstruction in Haiti, to Tibetan yak herding, to southern hip hop culture and music, to sports documentaries, legendary female documentarians to the legacy of the Black Panthers.

Job Description: Cinema interns will have an opportunity to broaden their outreach skills working with graphic design interns on outreach materials, craft press releases and press listings and a weekly newsletter for the wider release for the internet and members of the press while also engaging street outreach through good old-fashioned door to door marketing with flyers, calendars etc.

For more info, visit their website.


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