Student Film Showcase: “The Landlord”

What: Here’s another student film by Victor Suarez, “The Landlord.” It was written by him and John Sadlik, and the actors are Hico Oshiro, Max Ganet, and Michael Deely.

About the Film: It was shot on the Canon T2i SLR camera with the 24-105 IS L series lens. Sound was recorded from a Rode NTG-3 mic onto Zoom H4N recorder (since SLR cameras can’t record good sound on their own). Litepanel 1x1s were used for lighting. The film was completed with a two person crew in two days.

If you’d like your work featured on the blog, email us at — also, be sure to give us an overview of what production on project was like as well as what sort of equipment you used so that, on top of you having your work showcased, members of the club have the benefit of seeing how other students work is produced.


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