Apply to Direct for the Production Season!

What: Heard of the Production Season? Well, now’s the time to apply to direct one of the five films that CUFP will be backing next Spring! We know you’re interesting in learning more about filmmaking, and this is the opportunity for you. There will be a few weeks of director’s workshops in which our Director of Production (Isaiah Everin) will be teaching basic filming practices and techniques, set-procedure, and everything you need to know to put together and direct a short film around campus.

No experience in film? Not a film studies major? Doesn’t matter. CUFP aims at creating the opportunities for students to get together and learn about filmmaking in an informative and collaborative environment. We’ll provide the scripts from the screenwriting workshops that took place this semester — five of them will be produced into short films by you guys!

How to Apply: First, do your best to make it to the Table Read this Sunday! This is your chance to get a look at what’s an option for production next semester. Then, once you’ve looked the scripts over, send the following to (there will also be interviews held after the application deadline):

Statement of interest; why do you want to direct?
Description of past experience; this can be in film and/or related fields—i.e. theater, design, etc.
Résumé; please include any on-campus project/club involvement
Top three script preferences; out of the ten production season scripts
— Time available during the weekend of Dec. 3rd through 5th
— And lastly, School, Major, Class/Year, and Contact Info

Applications are due December 1st at 11:59PM EST. If you’re unable to make the table reading this weekend, you can contact us for access to the scripts — however, this isn’t optimal since you’ll have a lot of reading to do.


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