Teaser for Online Campus Miniseries

What: The production “Q,” produced by Julia Horowitz (CC ’11) and directed by CUFP’s Isaiah Everin (CC ’12), now has a teaser trailer up online. To raise funding for this project, which is in part produced by CUFP, the Columbia Queer Alliance, and the Gatsby Foundation, the production team has created an online Kickstarter account to try to gain a modest amount of support.

More Info: The production team is made up mostly of Columbia undergraduates, and is really looking for support from the larger campus community. There will be an advanced screening on campus for the first half of the series next semester, before its release online. They’ll be looking for any way to spread awareness of the series, so if you’re a member of a campus club or publication that would like to find a way to be affiliated with the project or co-sponsor a related event, email Q.The.Series@gmail.com.

About this Production: The above trailer was shot (on a Panasonic DVX100) and edited (using Adobe Premiere CS5) over this last weekend, all within 24 hours, by a majority of the show’s crew, which has around 15 members in all. The cast of six was discovered through websites like Mandy.com and NYCastings.com, as well as through a campus outreach for auditions — all six of them will be featured in the full series as the main cast.

Much more info after the jump.

The show was conceived and written by Julia Horowitz, who began preparations for production in the first weeks of September with a plan for shooting to take place over the winter break of this year (in January). Preproduction (including casting, location scouting, script revisions, and funding) has been taking place since the crew was first recruited in September. As of now, the script is being finalized, locations are being locked down, and rehearsals will soon start.

As mentioned above, the production is using equipment from CUFP, is sponsored by CQA, and received a bit of funding from a Gatsby arts grant (available to all CU students) — it’s looking for further funding through community outreach on Kickstarter. The total budget for a series of eight episodes now stands around $650, not including already-purchased equipment. The production team plans on building a dolly, and will be donating purchased equipment to CUFP after production is complete.


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