Casting Call: Undergrad-Produced Short

Below is a casting call for a short film:

A Columbia student is looking for actors for an upcoming short. The film follows a female lead in the last day of her extramarital affair before she fully commits to the married life with her husband. We are looking for four roles (3 men and 1 woman). The female role requires smoking and covered nudity (explained below).

JULIA: A young woman (appears early to mid 20s). She is not trapped in her marriage, but she is lonely. This is the last day of her affair, though even she is not entirely sure that she has the strength to finish it. Though she is currently unemployed, she and her husband have decided to have a child – spurring her decision regarding her beau. This position requires one smoking scene. The covered nudity scene takes place in a bathtub, with the character hugging her knees. (Ideally in possession of a red dress)

DAVID: Julia’s husband – around the same age. He loves his wife, but is also married for propriety’s sake. He prides himself on having risen from an intern to an associate lawyer. The day Julia is ending her affair is his first day after a promotion. Caught up in his work, he has been oblivious to her extramarital activities. (Ideally in possession of a suit)

ROBERT: Robert is Julia’s beau. He works at an investment firm where he has been very successful very quickly. He is confident to the point of cockiness and doesn’t believe Julia really has the will to end their affair. (Ideally in possession of a suit)

STRANGER: Young man (Early 20s) who looks younger than the other three. Meets Julia in a park and tries to hit on her after lighting her cigarette.

Please e-mail submissions to:

The submissions should include the following: Role(s) you are interested in; Headshots; Résumé.

After your submission we will contact you with the script and the scene you are to prepare.


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