Apply to Write for the Production Season!

CUFP is currently accepting applications to the short film writing workshop. If accepted, your script could be produced during our production season. Don’t have any screenwriting or other film experience? Not a problem! We’re looking for the best stories we can get, regardless of experience–it’s better to apply than be scared you don’t have the right experience (if you apply, the best that can happen is you get it, if you don’t, the best that can happen is…nothing).

The deadline to apply is Saturday, October 9, by MIDNIGHT.

To apply, just send an email to with the following:
– A cover letter including your Name, School, Year, Major and screenwriting experience (if you have none, just specify)
– A resume, preferably writing-oriented
– A 5 to 10 page sample of your screen, dramatic or prose writing. If you’re submitting prose, your work must be double spaced. Excerpts are more than welcome.
– 3 pitches for short films (you do NOT need to have a finished script already!)

We’re looking for fresh and diverse stories that can be made on campus. Don’t view this as a limit–past workshops have seen everything from non-narrative to Film Noir. It does mean, however, that special effects and elaborate sets are out of the question.

We will be looking for writers that can not only thrive, but support fellow writers in a workshop environment. For writers with no prior screenwriting experience there will be a short fundamentals workshop.

The workshops will take place on the following dates:
October 17: 4-5 PM (with a fundamentals workshop taking place at 3PM)
October 24: 4-6 PM
November 7: 4-6 PM
November 14: 4-6 PM
Table Read: November 21

You MUST be able to attend all workshops, otherwise your spot will be given to someone else. Additionally, you must be able to attend the Table Read on November 21.


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