Intern: Devien Littlefield, Inc

The Company: Davien Littlefield, Inc has been in the in business for over twenty five years in all facets of the entertainment industry. They currently represent artists in NY and worldwide who create, write, direct, and produce their own project, as well as act in Broadway plays and feature films. In addition, they are developing and producing two feature films (including an adaptation of a novel with an Oscar nominated director and Oscar winning actor). Check out their website.

Internship Duties: Assist on various projects including casting, script reviews, and market and development research. There will be opportunities to connect with directors and producers and learn from an experienced manager/producer who has been in the business for over twenty five years.

Details: Should be available to work 15-20 hours a week (though the schedule is flexible) and start ASAP. If interested, submit cover letter with interests and aspirations, your resume, and availability, RE: Internships to Davien Littlefield (Phone: 2125817300, Email:

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