This Month at the MoMA

What: This month MoMA will be holding a series of nine films from David Niven’s career, including Around the World in 80 Days and Before Winter Comes, as well as a series of the documentaries filmed by photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. Also being screened is Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s World on a Wire; “World on a Wire is an extraordinary work—prescient, fluid, eccentric, and as wildly compelling as any of Fassbinder’s other masterworks. Made a quarter-century before The Matrix (1999), which touches on similar issues, Fassbinder’s film is an adaptation of Daniel F. Galouye’s 1964 American novel Simulacron-3, also known as ‘The Counterfeit World’.

When/Where: The David Niven series will be April 12-23, Cartier-Bresson’s films will be shown April 8-11, and World on a Wire will be shown April 14-19. Times, specific locations, and ticketing information are available in the links in the paragraph above. (Film screenings at the MoMA are generally $6 for students.)


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