Casting Call for On-Campus Film

What: On-campus student filmmakers are holding a casting call for their film, Live and Let Die Another Day. “Come try out if you are interested in acting in a Don Quixote inspired story about two friends who escape the predictability of college life by indulging in a fantasy world of James Bond thrill and intrigue…until she comes along, that is. Work with an experienced, talented team, and join a community of creative, fun-loving people at Columbia.

When/Where: Auditions will be on Wed. 3/31 from 8-11pm (Hamilton 404) and Thurs. 4/1 from 6-9pm (Hamilton 707). No preparation is necessary. Arrive early and bring an acting resume if you have one.

Character Breakdowns:

WESLEY: (19-22) A smart, strange beauty attending Columbia University, mysterious and otherworld. She dresses in 1960s mod fashion and looks like Vanessa Redgrave, Monica Vitti or Anna Karina. Bold and sexually charged, Wesley is the femme fatale. Must be able to feign a British accent.

ALEX: (19-23) Cocky and well spoken, Alex is a nerdy Ivy League gentleman. Has slim, athletic build. His suavity is sabotaged by his childishness. He is a mentor, ringleader and romantic interest. Knowledge of James Bond trivia and possession of a tuxedo or semi-formal-wear is a plus.

CHARLIE: (19-22) Dark complexion, a silent follower and true believer of the James Bond delusion. Emotionally complex and in perpetual conflict, Charlie is totally betrayed when Alex abandons their friendship for a girl. Possession of a tuxedo or semi-formal wear is a plus.

Plus several other speaking roles.

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