Stand-Up Comedy Internship

What: Intern for Andy Engel, New Talent Director at Comix (New York City’s #1 Comedy Club as rated by Zagat’s). Openings immediately for this semester as well as for the summer period. For more information on the club and Engel, visit their website.

The Job: Help with marketing and promotion of events; Manage social sites (Facebook); Post to websites, blogs, listing sites; Some phone work & typing; Administrative work related to promoting New Talent at Comix and The Manhattan Comedy School. Most of this work can be done at home from a personal computer.

Details:Amount of hours and length of commitment are flexible. You can work 2 hours a week for 6 months, or 20 hours a week for 6 weeks. However once this is agreed upon, you must fulfill the entire length of the internship.

Perks: Free tickets to comedy shows for you and your friends (that could be valued at hundreds of dollars), a strong recommendation/reference letter, plus help finding a job using Andy’s large network of contacts. Other possible benefits depending on interest would include a free comedy class, 1-hour comedy coaching session and more.

If interested, email for further details.


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