Two American History Documentaries

What: The New York Historical society is screening two documentaries on American history for free. The first is “Thurgood Marshall,” the story of the legendary jurist and civil rights activist who stood up for his beliefs and watched them triumph. As a civil rights lawyer in the 40s and 50s, he turned the floor of the Supreme Court into his personal battleground. As a member of the court, he presided over some of the most influential decisions in American history.

The second is “Stealing Lincoln’s Body,” based on one of the strangest, most intriguing, and yet almost unknown episodes in American history unfolded in 1876, eleven years after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. A band of Chicago counterfeiters hatched a plot to steal the president’s body from its tomb outside Springfield, Illinois and hold it for a ransom of $200,000, but their plot was ruined when a paid informant told the newly formed Secret Service.

When/Where: Both documentaries are screening at the New York Historical Society (170 Central Park West); “Thurgood Marshall” will be on February 10th from 2PM to 3PM, and “Stealing Lincoln’s Body” will be on February 11th from 2PM to 4PM. No reservations are necessary — just show up!


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