Acclaimed French Film “Seraphine” at Symphony Space

What: Winner of 7 César Awards (a French-equivalent of the Oscars), including Best Picture & Best Actress, “Seraphine” is a story built around the relationship between the avant-garde art dealer and the visionary cleaning lady, forging a testament to the mysteries of creativity and the resilience of one woman’s spirit. This is the story of Wilhelm Uhde, a German art critic and collector — he was one of the first collectors of Picasso and champion of naïve primitive painter Le Douanier Rousseau — who, in 1912, discovered Rousseau’s paintings while she worked for him as a maid in his lodgings in Senlis outside Paris. Uhde became her patron and grouped her work with other naïve painters – the so-called “Sacred Heart Painters” — with acclaimed shows in Paris, elsewhere in Europe and eventually at New York’s MOMA.

Where/When: Screenings will be on February 7th and 14th at 3:00PM and 7:30PM. They are held at Symphony Space (2537 Broadway, Manhattan). Use code COLUMBIA on their website for a $4 discount on tickets ($7).


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