Local Documentary Starts Short Film Competition!

What: The filmmakers for “The Lottery,” a documentary about New York City’s ailing public education system, are kicking off a short film competition amongst NYC’s film schools. The purpose of the competition is to expand our film’s reach with tangible examples from all over the city, not just the Bronx and Harlem where the film focuses. If successful, this will mark a new model for how filmmakers can work with film schools to broaden a film’s reach.

The Benefits: Entries will be viewed and voted on by the public on The Lottery’s website and narrowed to the top five. The filmmakers and agencies involved in The Lottery’s release will select the winning film and two runners up. The winning film will be shown in front of our film at its premiere and/or a film festival in late April, and win $1,000. In addition, the winning film and two semi-finalists will have their short placed on The Lottery’s DVD.

More Info: For more information, including the rules and a description of the actual documentary, check out their homepage: www.thelotteryfilm.com.


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