Intern at IFC!

The job: IFC, the distribution company responsible for such indie gems as ”Y Tu Mama Tambien”, ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, ”Boys Don’t Cry”, “Paranoid Park, “Gomorrah”, “Antichrist” and many more is looking for a star intern. This position, which can be flexibly organized around your academic schedule, provides our interns with a valuable opportunity to learn about and participate in the marketing of theatrical films. Any burgeoning film student who aspires to work in the film industry – and who seeks to maximize the educational opportunities available through this internship – will find that experience gained at IFC, invaluable.

The perks: Interns are afforded opportunities to sit in on departmental meetings, assist with grassroots promotion of our films, and attend premiere screenings and other events associated with a film’s release.

Time Commitment: 2 days a week starting January 3, 2010

To apply: Send a cover letter and resume to


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