From Nonsense NYC: DP or Film Director Wanted

If you are interested in experimenting with DIY old-fashioned film looks, this could be the project for you!

The opportunity: A downtown theater writer/producer is looking for someone to shoot a 10-20 minute silent film on either super 8, 16mm, or digitally altered DV. The idea is to make it look semi-convincingly old–like from 1917. In terms of looks, something along the lines of Guy Maddin, D.W. Griffith, Pola Negri vehicles, Edison films of vaudeville sketches. Woody Allen’s Zelig. The film quality can be totally distressed; the picture can be distorted at times.

The film will be part of a play that will be presented at a festival in the East Village in late January. The concept of the play is basically that the woman who directed/starred in this silent film in her youth is now much older. She is attending a showing of the film and providing a sort of cracked and drunken director’s commentary.

In terms of collaboration with the playwright, you can either make the film on your own, or the playwright would be happy to provide support by producing/casting/location scouting/costuming and let you just worry about the shooting, directing, and editing. In any case, the playwright will perform the written scenario.

The perks: You will be paid something, but sadly it will not be much; however, there are 4 guaranteed screenings of the play with your work included, and you’d get something from the box office haul.

To apply: Send a link to your reel, portfolio, or youtube to


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