2010 Production Season Slate Announced!

CUFP is proud to announce our 2010 Production Season Slate! We have a really great season lined up, with lots of great opportunities to volunteer. The films are:

Love and Meth
Written by Mike Sugarman CC’12, Directed by Nico McCormick CC’12
In this black comedy, college student and cancer patient Maggie embarks on a quest to find what she hopes will be the answer to all her problems: crystal meth.

Bad People and Other Friends
Written by Augusto Corvalan CC’13, Directed by Eldad Eitan GS’11
This neo-noir comedy follows bumbling college detective Marcel as he tries to find his roommate’s missing girlfriend.

People Suck!
Written by Rob Caudy GS’12, Directed by Aaron Kohn CC’13
In this comedy, 40-year-old Richie learns to cope with his anger problems.

Written by Laura Meadors CC’12, Directed by Isabel Lopez CC’13
In this coming-of-age drama, college student Elle tries to manage her love life, her mother, and her punk-rock identity.

They Were Saying
Written and Directed by Jordan Lord CC’12
This experimental film explores the multitude of meanings underlying one short conversation.

***Calls for Assistant Directors, Director of Photography, Production Assistants and Actors coming soon!!!


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