Opportunities at Ivy Film Festival

The Festival: Ivy Film Festival screens undergraduate films at Brown University. The festival will take place April 13-18, 2010. The festival is currently SEEKING SUBMISSIONS. You can find out more at their website.

Volunteer for a Columbia Satellite Project: This year, Ivy Film Festival is starting a new project: an independent film series, which will broaden the impact of the Festival, gather more media attention, as well as further support our cause of showcasing the work of new filmmakers. They will screen quality films that have not been picked up for distribution, and bring the filmmaker to do a Q&A after the screening. They would like to have these films screened at a local cinema within each of the seven Ivy college towns, essentially providing these films with an 8-theater distribution network, spanning New England. They will also work with the local newspapers of these towns to draw media attention to the screenings. The independent film industry has been hard-hit by the economic troubles of recent years, and we believe that part of its revival will depend on this kind of grassroots effort to distribute and create markets for films. Ivy Film Festival need a group of students from your school who are interested in film, and who could work independently to be a part of the Ivy Film Festival and to help create this independent film series.

The Perks: As part of the Festival, these students would be given VIP access to all advance screenings, panels, and the Keynote event (which last year featured Jack Nicholson, Robert Evans, and Brad Grey) during the 2010 Festival.

To Get Involved: Contact Leila Ledain at lelia_ledain@brown.edu.

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