Act I: The ION Television Movie Contest

The Contest: Submit your original idea for a procedural drama TV movie for the chance to win $40,000 USD and a development deal with ION Network!!

More Prizes: The winning dramatic teleplay may be offered a production deal and then broadcast on ION Television, while up to 25 finalists will be offered first-look deals with ION Network

To Apply: Submit a treatment and first act for an original two-hour made-for-TV movie. Projects submitted should be dramas intended for mature audiences, with a strong lead character or team of characters and a plot that focuses on a central problem or mystery in any field, in the vein of such procedurals as “CSI,” “Law & Order,” “House M.D.” and the Jesse Stone TV movies. Comedic elements are welcomed, and highly suggested are projects that could serve as a pilot for launching an hour-long series and powerful endings that leave the door open for sequels or future episodes.

Deadline: January 15, 2010

To view the application, click here.


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