This Week: The Friars Club Comedy Film Festival

The Event: At theaters all over Manhattan this weekend you can catch The Friar’s Club Comedy Festival, a new festival with comedy films, panels, and even the US Premiere of the new Coen Brothers’ movie A Serious Man.

Here are some other highlights:

Friday September 25

“Let Me In, I Hear Laughter,” a panel on the fascinating history of the Friars Club

Saturday September 26

–12 noon–
“Show Me The Money,” a panel on film financing and film production, featuring experts in
the field such as NYU’s Professor Robert Nickson, who has worked on films including “Do
The Right Thing,” “Jungle Fever” and “Mo Better Blues”

“Funny Fockers: Comedy Screenwriting Today,” a panel featuring the writers of such recent comedy hits as “Meet The Parents,” “Meet The Fockers,” and the “A Night At The Museum.”

–5:30 pm–
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead,” a comedy about actors trying to put on a
production of Hamlet while dealing with a 2000 year old vampire. Starring Jake Hoffman, Devon Aoki and Jeremy Sisto, directed by Jordan Galland.

“Serious Moonlight,” a comedy starring Meg Ryan, directed by “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star
Cheryl Hines, from the final script of Adrienne Shelley (“Waitress”).

Sunday September 27

Motherhood,” a comedy starring Uma Thurman as a harried NYC mom. Also starring Minnie Driver and Anthony Edwards.

–also at 2:30pm–
“All’s Faire in Love,” a romantic comedy starring Christina Ricci, Ann-Margaret, Matthew Lillard, Bill Engvall and Cedric the Entertainer, set at a Renaissance Fair.

Cost: Tickets to Individual Events cost only $10


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