Film Opportunity on Campus: Crew for Frances Bodomo’s Web Series MOUTH

MOUTH, a new CTV web series about a student filmmaker with lockjaw, is looking for a few crew members!

Lev, 20, has lived with lockjaw since he was seven. Each 5 minute episode is a vignette in which he ruminates on small moments in life, often initiated by the mouth. We meet him at the tail end of a horrible break-up and see him through all his self-deprecation and unraveling.

This project relies on a minimal crew, and each crew member can attach themselves to one (or more!) 5 minute episode. Right now, they are looking for the following crew members to help with the first episode:

MOUTH is shooting on Fran’s Canon DSLR, which can shoot full HD and has a 35mm lens AND is portable! The web series will be in black and white. MOUTH will also be shooting parts of the first episode on Super 8 film (I have a super 8 camera), so experience with this would be great. You can do 1 – 7 episodes

The biggest thing is creating the ventriloquist’s dummy that the main character uses to communicate with people. Otherwise, it’s the usual fare of costume, set design, and props.

Very expressionistic lighting. VERY VERY expressionistic. like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and Nosferatu.

This really relies on going into New York and getting permits, working like a professional location manager. In a perfect world, the locations will be an MTA bus, the black box theatre, a dentist’s office, 122nd and Broadway where the subway exits from underground, a subway car. Indoor scenes will be in my EC townhouse suite.

MOUTH needs anyone who wants to help out on set with puppets, lighting, sound, setting up … etc. A great way to get started with campus film!

The first episode will shoot end of September/beginning of October

Please send Fran a quick e-mail BY THIS SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 12th if you’re interested & let her know what you’d like to do! with your name, school & major; year, film experience, and crew position(s) you’d like.


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